We Are Officially The Lakes!

On October 12, 2018, we both said I Do to each other and are officially married!!! Everything was beautiful and perfect.


It was definitely a long day, most of the girls and I started at 7am with hair and makeup! We got to drink mimosas and eat some breakfast. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with the people standing in our wedding. We then had the girls get their dresses on and then transported all of us, and my dress to the ceremony site (without Becca getting a glimpse of me of course).


The ceremony site was definitely cold, as it was a botanical garden, in October, in Wisconsin! But the girls powered through a 30 min ceremony in 45º weather! I am so proud of them!

We then spent a few hours around the gardens and a local bar getting some amazing shots with our photographer! Becca and I finally got to eat more than just a muffin!

Our reception was beautiful and after we were announced, Becca finally got her opportunity to shove cake in my face. She was successful! She even got it caked into my fake eyelashes!

We got to converse, dance, and drink with our guests and have a ball! We even got wedding crashers (that were at a different wedding in a different room) because our music was better! (90s are always a good choice)


All in all our wedding was everything I imagined it would be!


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