Christina’s Thoughts – A Week After The Wedding

We’ve just gotten married. The buzz of excitement is still humming in our bodies. But now its been about a week and we’ve started getting back to your normal routine. It’s actually a huge wave of high and “not so high” emotions. For months and months we’d been planning and paying and couldn’t wait to get married. For one day we were the center of attention and in the blink of an eye it’s back to work and chores and reality.


I love my reality. I have my pets, a roof over my head, and my wife. Wife. I now get to say “wife”. When not so long ago, marrying someone of the same gender wasn’t even an option. I’m grateful and blessed to be married to the love of my life.


But after such a high of our wedding, I almost find myself asking, “Did I really get married?” For me, personally, it didn’t feel real until now.


Marriage is the day to day. It’s the cooking, and the laundry and the dog walks. It’s stopping and appreciating the little, mundane moments. Because this is your partner. You found someone who you can share in the day to day. You don’t have to be alone.


Yes, we still bicker. Yes, we still go back and forth over who’s turn it is to take the dogs out. Yes, she still leaves socks laying in the middle of the floor. And, yes, I’m still messy. But this is what marriage is. Having someone to share the day to day with.


And I couldn’t be happier.

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