All Natural Products

Now, if you have looked through our own apothecary site, you know that I love creating and using all natural products. I fully believe that the earth provides us with mostly everything we need. However, our apothecary only focuses on skin care, bath salts and candles. So I’m always looking for all natural cleaning products and home products. 


I’ve been seeing Grove Collaborative around social media for awhile now and always thought it was something every blogger just talked about So I never really wanted to investigate. But I guess the constant ads and blog posts got me because here I am!


When I got my order I was actually pleasantly surprised. It all looks wonderful and was packaged well. I even got half of the products free!


I haven’t used the products yet so I’m sure they’ll be an update post but so far so good!

I was actually apprehensive about posting this because Grove Collaborative is talked about so much (almost too much) but I really love finding a place that focuses on natural products.


• White Metal Caddy

• Glass 16 oz spray bottle

• Mrs Meyers Basil Dish Soap

• Mrs Meyers Pumpkin Multi Surface Spray

• Mrs Meyers Rosemary Hand Soap

• 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel

• Bamboo Veggie Brush

• Blood Orange Hand Sanitizer

• 2 Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Lavender Sage and Bergamot Lime

• Method Shower Cleaner

• 100% Cotton Organic Cotton Balls

• Loofah made with Recycled Materials

• Lavender + Oatmeal bar soap

• Walnut and Cellulose Kitchen Scrubbers

I’m super excited to try all these products and I love knowing I’m cleaning my house and using products that are non toxic and better for the environment and for my family.


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