Storytime: I Had A Spider In My Ears For 3 Days

Yes, you read that right. I had a spider in my ear for 3 days without knowing it. How? Why? WHAT!? I asked myself the same thing.


Well, here’s the whole story. One night, 2 years ago, while Becca and I were sleeping, I vaguely remember semi waking up and brushing my face off with my hand. I chalked it up to a fly or something. I didn’t put two and two together… yet.


For days I heard what I could only describe to Becca as water in my ear or scratching sounds. However, I went about my daily life because, what else was I supposed to do? We ran errands, made meals, watched tv, even spent a whole day at our local Fly In. Pictured below is Becca and I at the Fly In after looking at old planes and eating good food. But little did I know that there was a SPIDER in my ear.


The next day I was determined to figure out what this was. By now it was day 3 and I was sick of the feeling in my ear. I Googled. Of course I Googled. Usually you’re told NOT to Google because everything is cancer. Haha. Well, for once, Google led me in the right direction. As I was scrolling down the page of “water sounds in ear”, there was a link to bugs in ears. And I could feel the panic rise inside me as I remembered that night I swatted something away from my face.


Trying not to freak out, I Googled “bugs in ear” and of course the scariest things popped up. But now I know that only bot flies lay eggs in people’s ears (not so fun fact). And that if spiders are in your ears it was usually to escape and find a safe space. And I also found out the best way to get a spider out is to squirt water in your ear.


So I found a dropper from my Wednesday Ophelia office and squirted water in my ear over our bathroom sink. SURE ENOUGH I LOOKED DOWN INTO THE SINK AND THERE WAS A SPIDER IN THE SINK.


This is one of the events that you think will never happen to you. But then it does. Happy sleeping!

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