But First, Coffee…

Ever since I was younger, I remember my father drinking coffee every morning. To me it was like this ritual and rite of passage. I wasn’t an adult or couldn’t start my day unless I had coffee. I admit, I probably started drinking coffee slightly too young (maybe 14/15). But when I got older it’s something I did with my dad. I don’t even know if he realized it or not. But the times I got to sit in the kitchen or at the table with him, drinking our coffee, meant so much to me.


And now, at 29, coffee has become a part of my daily life. Wake up, make coffee… It’s my morning routine. But I admit, it’s become less and less of a magical morning ritual and just become something I don’t even have to think about.



About a week ago I found Coffee Over Cardio (coffeeovercardio on Instagram). According to Abbey Scott, the founder of Coffee Over Cardio, she wanted to create “a coffee meant for messy-bun, yoga-pant-wearing millennials with a little attitude and a little kick! It’s made for all the boss babes focused on self-growth, business, and booty growth.” I was hooked. The packaging is adorable, the assortment is wonderful so I got the Pumpkin Spice flavor, which of course is called Basic AF.


I am usually picky about flavored coffee. It either is too bitter and weird tasting or way too sweet. The moment I tasted it, I smiled.


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