Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Every so often, all you need is to just get out of the house. Winter is a rough season for me, my mental health, and my body. Walks get shorter, chances of falling increase, chronic pain gets worse, and I stay inside more than I already do which takes a toll on my mental health. Winter is a time where my depression gets worse and I feel more confined and isolated. My body has limits and they definitely show in winter. When I get cold, I get stiff. When “cold” is snow and below freezing temperatures, I can barely move.


It’s hard not to feel like I can’t leave the house without help during winter. If theres any ice and I don’t see it, I could fall. Anyone could fall. The difference is that, personally, as I can’t speak for others, I take longer to heal from things than my able bodied counterparts. Sometimes I get brave and I venture out by myself, sometimes paying for it later.


But, when it’s not too cold outside, I can venture out and have a little fun. Becca and I went to a local state park and took one of our dogs, Tarot. I didn’t get very far but as you can see Becca had fun getting a few shots of me. I returned the favor and got a few cute shots of her. She’s becoming quite the photographer though!


It’s always nice to spend some time with your spouse outside. It refreshes and recharges you. At least that’s true for me. Getting some quality time with my wife, outside of the house, makes me just enjoy our time together and be in the moment. You don’t need to spend any money to have a good time.


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