Hello, 2019!

So it was the last day of the year yesterday and Becca and I had planned on going to dinner and a movie (we’re not huge partiers). Well, we looked outside yesterday afternoon and it was snowing. Hours later, still snow. So we thought it was best, especially for me, to stay home. We cooked, made some drinks, and spent some time with Becca’s parents and her mom’s best friend Julie.

Although we are only 28 & 29, a quiet night in was actually our style. Now that it’s officially 2019, I wanted to reflect on my 2018 and what I’m manifesting for this new year.

2018 was definitely a mix of wonderful moments and obstacles. We are currently living with Becca’s parents and after living as a couple for almost 2 years in our own space, it’s been a learning experience to live with others. It wouldn’t be easy with anyone whether friend or family. Despite the struggles, we’ve been grateful for everything they’ve done for us and how it’s helped us financially. And I’m sure it’s not easy to live with us and our zoo of 3 cats and 3 dogs. But while living with them, we got to spend time with Becca’s brother and his wife and kids, got to witness Tarot (our 1 year husky mix pup) play in the snow and watch winter become his favorite season. I’ve played Tri-Ominos with my mother-in-law multiple times per month. We’ve gone to the gym and then stopped going to the gym because life gets in the way.

In October we got married. And not only was it a beautiful time for Becca and I, but I got to bond with my mom during the planning process and I really soaked up the mother daughter time.

We started this blog. I decided in December, surrounded by a household of hunters and meat and cheese lovers that I was going to go vegan. I also decided to document that process, so click on the “VEGAN BLOG” tab at the top if you want to follow that part of my journey.

To date, marrying Becca made 2018 the best year of my life so far. In 2019 I want to really manifest a few things for us. I know we will move but I hope it’s a house with a yard. I want our apothecary business to get more serious, and I want to really get time with my wife and feel like a married couple with our own space.

What did you love about your 2018? What are you manifesting for 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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