Christina’s Second Thrive Basket

Hello, everyone! I received my second Thrive Market box in the mail today! I’m still figuring out how I like it and if it’s actually worth it. If you’ve ever shopped through Thrive Market, please comment below and tell us what you think! Becca and I mostly use Thrive for my vegan pantry items, as you can see.

I really liked the Harvest Snaps, that I received for free in my last box, so much that I got more! They are seriously delicious. I’m also trying out the Chameleon Cold-Brew Pods. I put a couple pods into a large mason jar with cold water, so we’ll see how it turns out tomorrow morning.

I love the Daiya Four Cheese with Herbs Pasta. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out on anything real dairy. This is creamy and satisfying with a really good flavor.

Additional staples for us are coconut oil, coconut milk, nut butter, tofu, and cashews.

RMS Beauty sent me a free “Weekender” box of their Luminizer, Makeup Wipes, and a lipstick.

I’m also really interested in the trial pack of the superfood greens. I will definitely put it in a smoothie soon.

If you’re thinking of trying out Thrive Market, you can go here and you’ll get 20% off your first order! I really like that I know I’m getting environmentally friendly, affordable, healthy items for my wife and me.

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