Here We Go! #BabyLake2021

Okay, so it’s definitely been awhile guys and we’re so sorry but with the pandemic, everything baby related was postponed.

But we recently did multiple genetic tests that delved into everything. We did the basic carrier test that most couples do, a test that delves into my chromosomes, and a test that looked at brain malformations.

This was both an easy and hard decision to make. Easy because it just makes sense to cover your bases and know everything before you try to make a baby. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t passing anything on of my disability or worse. It was also a hard decision. Well I should say a hard to face decision. When you’re disabled, at least personally, you just think of the disability as contained to yourself. It’s a hard pill to swallow when you realize that your disability could affect your future children or your ability to even have children.

I didn’t want to face the fact that me getting pregnant might be a bad decision or me getting pregnant wasn’t an option. I’ve always pictured myself as a mother. Of course I will love any child no matter how we create a family, but a part of me would be heartbroken if I couldn’t carry. But I also needed to know. Double edged sword.

We have gotten all 3 test results back and thankfully my disability isn’t genetic and I have nothing else that is life threatening that would pass to a baby I would carry. I am a carrier for PKU and a protein deficiency that could possibly create lung problems in adults.

Both these issues would require our donor to also be a carrier for the baby to have a 25% chance of having these issues.

So, overall, we consider this good news for me to continue on to the insemination and pregnancy.

Our next step now is to make an appointment with a fertility doctor and get the ball rolling!

There are some people that have asked me why I would document something so personal on a blog for the world to see and it’s because we wish we could follow someone else’s story to get information and not feel so alone. We thankfully have a same sex couple in our family as well that did this process. We also want to be a place of information and visibility for other couples that are thinking about this.

So heres to #BabyLake2021! Becca and I are so excited to try and start our family.

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