Insemination and Fertility – What Are Your At Home Choices? A Mosie Baby Feature

Hi everyone. It’s been a few months since we/I’ve made a post. Becca and I are on month three of trying to conceive. We have about 12 days until we find out if it worked or not. There are many ways to try to conceive: IUI, IVF, and of course, if you’re able, the traditional way. But sometimes the doctor route is expensive and doesn’t always work.

Mosie Baby came out with a product that is an alternative for some. It’s an at home insemination kit that you can use with fresh or frozen sperm.

The syringe is as easy to use as a tampon and is virtually pain free. They also designed the tip of the syringe as an oval opening and there’s way less sample waste.

Mosie also came out with results from a clinical study that say their at home kit is as effective (sometimes more) as an IUI procedure.

When you’re first trying, it would almost be silly not to try something like that that’s $89-120 per try compared to over $1000 per try.

Becca and I are just crossing our fingers that this will work and we’ll be on our way to being parents.

If you want to check out Mosie Baby, click here!

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