An Update To Starting A Family

So a couple weeks ago I had a brain MRI because the last time I had one I was 20 months old. Getting a diagnosis so early in life means that your parents obviously know more about the details of your diagnosis until you decide you want to know for yourself. So now, at 30, I decided I needed to be more informed.

My MRI revealed mostly what we already knew. I was born without a septum pellucidum. The septum pellucidum is a thin membrane in the middle of the brain. People born without it may have learning disabilities, seizures, behavioral changes, and changes in their vision.

Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term for a wide variety of conditions and severities of conditions. An absent septum pellucidum falls into the CP umbrella.

I kept reading my MRI results and saw I also had mild Schizencephaly which can also fall into the CP umbrella. The Schizencephaly is what probably gives me issues with muscle tone and balance.

What This Means For Me

Most people that have Schizencephaly were just formed wrong in the womb but a small percentage of people have a genetic mutation, which means there’s a possibility of passing it onto our future child. So, now, I have to do a more extensive version of genetic testing to make sure I don’t have that. If I do have the genetic mutation, I don’t want to give my child any difficulty in life that I can avoid.

How I’m Feeling

Honestly I’m feeling so many emotions. I’ve always wanted to be pregnant and always wanted to be a mom. Obviously, Becca can get pregnant and I will be happy no matter how we are blessed with a child, but I just can’t shake that little part of me that will be completely heart broken if it comes to be that I can’t get pregnant.

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