Wedding Details

In this post we’ll go over all the details of the wedding!


So, my whole vibe that I wanted on my wedding day was “fall garden fairy” and I feel like I definitely got that.

My dress was an Oleg Cassini (style CWG635) bought at David’s Bridal. It was a beautiful ballgown with pleating at the waist and lace with beading. It definitely made me feel like a princess fairy. As a plus size bride, I actually had a wonderful experience at David’s Bridal. I never felt like nothing fit me or that I wouldn’t find anything.

Funny story, this was the last dress I tried on at the 3rd or 4th visit to David’s Bridal AND it was a dress that the sales girl picked out. I had my heart and eye set on a different dress but the moment I put this dress on I knew it was mine.

My hairpiece was also from David’s Bridal. I was searching for something that didn’t add too much, since my dress had a lot going on, and was still garden-like. We were definitely on a budget and I wasn’t wanting to spend a lot of money on a headpiece. My sister came up to me, after I already had my dress on for my fitting, showing me headpiece after headpiece with price tags over $100 and too much bling going on. After about 5 minutes she came up to me with a simple vine headpiece with cream colored beads and it was perfect. Apprehensively I asked how much was it (since there wasn’t a price tag) and it happened to be less than $20! What a steal!


My makeup and some of the bridesmaids was done by my wonderful friend Lauren Stathas. You can find her on Instagram at @lauren_sta. She always knows how I like my makeup done and somehow makes my skin look flawless! When I try to repeat it at home, it’s never the same. And my other amazing friend Jessica Hurley (@jessica_fawn on Instagram) did a handful of the bridesmaids as well. She did the best no makeup makeup on my best friend who usually doesn’t wear makeup. Both ladies did a phenomenal job making all of us look our best!

I had the honor of wearing a white velvet cape that was made by Becca’s paternal grandmother for her mom to wear at her parent’s wedding day. I was only the 3rd person to wear it and I was unbelievably touched.

Because I have Cerebral Palsy, I can’t wear heels and most flats just don’t stay on my feet. We talked about it and Becca and I wanted our bridal party to buy shoes that they’d actually wear more than once, so we decided that we’d all wear Converse. I wore white ones, Becca wore red and the rest wore black.



Ok my turn, now I’m sure you noticed in the pictures that I wore a suit. Simple enough right? Yes and no. First off, I’m not girly, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses or typically girly clothes. I never have and probably never will.

That being said my obvious wedding attire was going to be a suit. I chose to wear a men’s suit because 1: I have broad shoulders, 2: I didn’t want something lower cut or frilly, and 3: I wanted pockets. Seriously why can’t women’s clothing have pockets?! Anyway I digress, so I decided on wearing a men’s suit and that I needed to use a chain store because we had people across the country that would be wearing suits as well. My first impression of Men’s Wearhouse was not great.

Shortly after wifey and I got engaged we went to a wedding show and I briefly spoke with workers from the Appleton location. I found them to be rather rude but carried on with them anyway. Fast forward a year and a half to fitting day and my experience was much better. I went with two of my bridesmen to the Green Bay location for our fittings and had a much better time than I thought I would.

Quinton and a female employee whose name I have forgotten made me feel at ease and rather comfortable. Well as comfortable as a midwest woman in a men’s shop can feel. Over all I looked rather dapper in my suit and I had 2 very helpful and courteous employees who cared to thank for it.



Our flowers were from Oconto Floral. We had a little disagreement about delivery and 2 weeks before the wedding she wanted to charge us an additional $200 for someone else to deliver our flowers because she couIdn’t. All in all, we resolved the issue and I loved my bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, and the boutonierres and corsages. I however was a little underwhelmed with the reception centerpieces. There was never a formal contract as well, so brides out there, MAKE SURE YOU GET A CONTRACT from EACH vendor.


The Green Bay Botanical Gardens were wonderful to work with. Our officiant couldn’t make our rehearsal, so they have girls that help you walk through everything for your ceremony. Nicole & Hannah: you were amazing! It was easy to rent a tent, add chairs, and change things without hassle. And of course, when you have a beautiful setting like that, even in October, it makes everything look beautiful! Even our pictures are going to be that more gorgeous! The Gardens have so many different magical backdrops for ceremonies or photos.


The Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Green Bay did a phenomenal job for our reception. Everything went smoothly and everything was where it needed to be and the room looked beautiful. The only complaint we had from some of the guests was that they clear glasses so fast you end up losing your drink if you put it down to dance. Besides that, the room was beautiful, and we received complementary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in our room as well as two nights free in our suite!


Michelle Brenzel was a dream to work with and made sure everything went smoothly. I was never worried or concerned!


Jen from Magdalene Photography  was absolutely amazing! Hands down worth every single penny!!! Not only is she the sweetest human being, but her photos are breathtaking! She made us feel super comfortable and special. She was a trooper to survive 45º weather with us for hours!


Our wedding bands and my engagement ring are from Zales. Although we’ve read some pretty bad reviews, we’ve had nothing but happy experiences at our local Zales. All of the sales people are welcoming and accommodating and the lady we usually work with (for the life of me I can’t remember her name), has always been wonderful. We’ve never had any issues with paperwork or the like.

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