Snowfall, Pumpkins & Hot Cocoa

Today, Becca and I had plans to go to a local pumpkin patch and then carve pumpkins. Our plans were almost foiled by a snowfall that came out of nowhere! It was a rain, sleet and snow mix and there were heavy winds. We wanted to make the most of Becca’s last night off of work before she has to go back (since the wedding).
Thankfully, the snow stopped and the sun came out, so we braved the cold and took the risk and went to Delzer’s Farm! Although my body wasn’t handling the cold very well, I survived long enough to snap a few pictures and choose a few pumpkins. You can go on hay rides, go in the corn maze, or get your face painted. Unfortunately, my body could only handle picking out pumpkins.
When my body gets cold, I get stiffer than I already am and it makes it difficult to walk and to function. It also means that my chronic pain gets worse. It’s definitely not a fun feeling but I always make sure I’m a part of the activities, even if it’s just for a little bit.
When we got home, we made sure to make some hot chocolate and carve our beauties!!! I love spending time with my wife and getting out of the house. It’s wonderful that we started this blog because it makes me want to capture more memories in pictures.
We hope you all are having a beautiful day! Live with kindness, lead with love.

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