Quick Semi-Disabled Friendly Makeup Look


Those of you who know me personally know that I love makeup. It’s been a running joke that if Becca and I are late somewhere it’s because I was putting on my 2-hour face.

So I decided to find a solution where I felt put together but I didn’t spend so long on makeup.

This is definitely not sponsored by ColourPop or any of the brands I mention. I’m pretty sure they don’t even know I exist.

If you’ve been following our blog then you know I have Cerebral Palsy. And although I am overall pretty high functioning, I still have trouble with eyeliner, mascara and blending products.

I’m sure this was completely unintentional but ColourPop came out with blush and highlight sticks. I know, I know, so many companies have come out with stick products. The one difference is ColourPop is a great product for hardly any money.

I got Bullz Eye Highlight Stick and Totes Blush Stick. My quick look is using the blush stick for eyeshadow too, just blend it on the lids with your fingers, pop on the highlight stick, add some mascara, a lip and voila! I also quickly defined my brows with Milk Kush Fiber Tinted Brow Gel. Easy, quick, and not a lot of detail work!

Click here to check out the products!

Orange Colored Blush Stick ProductHighlight Stick Product







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